Quality Assurance Commitment

Quality Assurance Commitment

Yunnan Dongxin Geotechnical Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been established for three years, and has been taking quality as the life of the enterprise. A strict quality inspection system is implemented within the enterprise, from raw materials to finished products. The company's products have reached industry standards and have passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification.

In terms of product quality, Dongxin people make the following solemn promises to customers:

1. Internal assurance system for product quality, the quality management department of the enterprise is fully responsible for quality inspection, and relevant supervision and inspection teams are established for each batch of products. All quality indicators meet the requirements of technical specifications, and the products have passed the self-inspection of the company.

2. Product quality standard: filament geotextile conforms to GB/T17639-2008 standard. The staple fiber geotextile conforms to the GB/T17638-1998 standard. The composite geomembrane conforms to the GB/T17642-2008 standard. HDPE impermeable membrane conforms to CJ/T234-2006 standard. HDPE geomembrane conforms to GB/T17643-1998 standard. EVA board conforms to GB/T18173.1-2006 standard. The bellows conform to the GB/T19472.1-2004 standard. The flexible permeable pipe conforms to the JC937-2004 standard.

3. Our company's products are willing to be tested by third-party authoritative departments.

Fourth, "providing customers with qualified products and excellent after-sales service" is our company's consistent quality policy. For technical consultation and quality problems raised by customers, we will give satisfactory answers and solutions.