After-sales service commitment

After-sales service commitment

Yunnan Dongxin Geotechnical Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been established for 3 years. In terms of after-sales service, it has always regarded "the sold Dongxin products are still Dongxin products" as the corporate creed. The responsibility of people to customers, practice has proved that Dongxin's after-sales service has been recognized and praised by the majority of users.

In terms of after-sales service, Dongxin people make the following solemn statement to customers:

1. Our company's products are sold, and the corresponding product installation instructions, accessories and tools are provided. At the request of the buyer, we will send technical personnel to provide services and assist in solving specific technical problems.

2. Dongxin products are sold with a product quality information feedback form, so that we can timely correct mistakes and deficiencies in our work. In addition, we have established a "customer directory" to maintain long-term close contact with customers and provide corresponding assistance at any time.

3. If there are unpredictable quality or technical problems during construction, after receiving the notice, we will send technicians to choose convenient transportation routes and rush to the site designated by the buyer within 48 hours.

4. The company is responsible for three guarantees (repair, return, and replacement) for unforeseen quality problems of the products sold. If Dongxin's products do not meet the quality requirements, we will be responsible for returning the goods. If it is due to our company's supply problems or product quality problems that cause losses to the buyer, our company will be responsible for the corresponding compensation.